AVOE: Envases para una colección

Close your eyes and imagine that you are in front of the dresser of a conceited and flirtatious lady, with all those beautiful perfume bottles that permeate the glamorous atmosphere, beautiful bottles with all kinds of shapes, with their elegant and suggestive labels and molds. Now open your eyes and discover that what is really in front of you is the countertop, the kitchen island of a foodie or a gastronomic explorer (as they call them now). Yes, creative genius has landed a few years ago also in the flagship product of Iberian gastronomy: extra virgin olive oil.


Packaging of chocolates: the sweet temptation

It's 00:15, I have dined about an hour ago and, as happens to me every night, I get an unstoppable desire to eat a piece of chocolate. I go to the refrigerator and there I find what I already know; a beautiful box of chocolates of Cacao Sampaka (courtesy of who cares for me).  This is a piece that brightens the landscape of the interior of the refrigerator in the house and inspires me and gives me the opportunity to address the article in this issue.