Packaging of chocolates: the sweet temptation

It's 00:15, I have dined about an hour ago and, as happens to me every night, I get an unstoppable desire to eat a piece of chocolate. I go to the refrigerator and there I find what I already know; a beautiful box of chocolates of Cacao Sampaka (courtesy of who cares for me).  This is a piece that brightens the landscape of the interior of the refrigerator in the house and inspires me and gives me the opportunity to address the article in this issue.

I think about it and came to this conclusion: the health of the packaging design in this product category in Spain is good. As befits a product that is positioned between large consumption and accessible luxury, the image of the brands in this sector are quite developed. The presentations that correspond to brands like Nestlé, Trapa, Valor, Lindt, etc ... and even the own brands of the distribution chains of German origin have adopted an image strategy that drinks from accessible luxury brands such as Godiva, or some belonging to specialized chains such as Chocolat Factory... They usually resort to an aspirational aesthetic; that tries to climb one more step in the positioning scale. 

As on other occasions I have compiled a succinct collection of designs that I find interesting and inspiring. This selection does not pretend to be a ranking nor I the jury of a design contest, but I'm sure that one of them catches your attention. Let's go there!

  1. Chocolate Concierge: Design developed by the study of Hungarian origin Anagraphic ( In my opinion, this design sublimates a resource that is beginning to be recurrent in many products, which is the illustration of a floral leaf with the cocoa fruit, but which in this case, combined with gold printing, works very well. I am very attracted to the logo with the "C" in a kind of impossible twist.
  2. Chocolat Factory. The simple tubes of this brand that carry in their DNA a foundational faith in good design are already here. This brand conceived and launched by Titus Ruiz, is a clear and clear example that a good product combined with a great design is a successful partnership. You can locate your stores in cities such as Tokyo, Dubai or Lisbon, and of course in several Spanish cities. I direct you to his web page ( to know his inspiring story, where you will be received with a warmth and sweetness typical of a very close brand.
  3. Nib More Beautiful presentation of organic chocolate from the Pearlfisher studio ( This brand of chocolates from NY offers its consumers a product that is respectful both with the producers of origin and with the health of the former. And that imprint is very well reflected in the delicate hands that hold the ounces of chocolate and the right range of colors chosen for their varieties.
  4. Jeff de Brujes. This Belgian classic has managed to develop a brand territory that works great. It combines in its image the classic chocolate tone with a turquoise blue that is the most vibrant. This is a brand that handles your look & feel very well.
  5. And finally I wanted to add the presentation of a Mexican chocolate that I recently met on a trip to the USA. and that I think has a very special graphic language: Chocolate Mug ( with a handmade tone and a tablet format brand of the house, this brand seduces you at first glance.